Friday, December 12, 2008

A rainy day - A good day to test my new baby!

The long awaited pictures! Well, don't expect much from me as I still new to my DSLR. It is so much different from a normal digital camera. These were the ones I took during and after the rain earlier this evening. And to keep this blog alive during the holidays (before it dies again next year)

A reflection

I tried capturing the droplet of water when it was about to fall off, but I am still new to DSLRs

The extremely heavy rain

Heavy downpour. I think this 40 minutes rainfall pours more water than a year's rainfall in Canberra.

Fresh droplets on a green leaf

Moments before falling off the leaf

A heavy rain which subsided into a drizzle

I like this picture. Droplets on the windscreen

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Falling droplets from the roof-top

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