Thursday, December 11, 2008

What Uncle A said to Uncle B

The following scene was what I have witnessed between two old men in a restaurant yesterday night. I found it pretty humorous, from the way they were talking. Before I begin, let me draw a little diagram to explain our positions:

Red Dot - Uncle A
Blue Dot - Uncle B
X - Me

The fact that annoyed me was that they were seating so far away! It was quite irritating at first that they were treating the place like their own coffee-shop. Like all uncles in Malaysia, they talked rather loudly.

But as I listened to their conversation, it became funnier by the minute. You can have a look for yourself in the following video clip.

Uncle A was doing most of the talking. He was so energetic! I can't stop smiling looking at his hand movements and actions.

On the contrary, Uncle B was like, "Owh, really arh?" and from his facial expressions, it was like "wah lao, I want to relax and eat properly also cannot! Cha si lang!"

The conversation between them? I think it went something like this (from the moment when I started to ke-poh):

Uncle A: The other day I went jogging at Bukit China. Very healthy la these few days

Uncle B:
Good for you! But I boh-lat la. Run a bit I chuan already!

Uncle A:
Cannot like that. Must do work out sometimes. When you old already, you don't do work out not good for health. You fall sick easier.

Uncle B: Sure or not? Later work out too hard fall sick how? Knee pain la, ankle pain la. Macam-macam later also kena

Uncle A: Aiya, won't one. We so old already nothing to do ai-tong tampok la!

Uncle B: (Nods head, maybe he was tired of talking to Uncle A already)

Uncle A: The other time I took bus to Penang join some marathon. The bus ah, take 6 hours to reach there. bla bla bla bla bla.... (this was where I got sick of listening to him)

Uncle B: Hey my food is here already! Wa chiak seng arh! Paiseh paiseh (In fact, he was relieved that he can at least have a moment of peace)

Uncle A: Ok ok...

On the side note:

Come to think of it, I pity these two old gentlemen a little. They do not have anyone to accompany them. I do see how old men like him gets lonely. Perhaps his wife had passed away. Perhaps his children are living a life on their own now. Where else can he go to?

To me, the reason why he was being so talkative was that he wants to share his experience, to express his feelings. I mean, who else can he tell these things to? His children? If I were him, I will certainly want to talk to people around me more, to make myself feel that I am somehow still connected to this world, that I can still relate to people well. And it is much better than being quiet at home.

As for myself, as far as I can remember, I always had people around me at all times; friends and family and my dear. It really makes me appreciate the people and company that I have. And it is really, really good to know that I am not lonely.

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