Thursday, December 25, 2008

Eye On Malaysia

The view of the Ferris-wheel from the Melaka Raya Bridge

Malacca - the historical city; commonly associated with very old buildings from the colonial times, chicken rice balls, Jonker Wall, A' Famosa and Baba Nyonya, there is now a new landmark which we Malaccans are proud to present.

The night view of the walk in front of the Eye

A bird's eye view of the walk leading to the Eye

The Eye on Malaysia, a 60 meters Ferris wheel which was previously installed at Titiwangsa Lake, Kuala Lumpur has made it's way to Malacca. As you guys know, the Eye on Malaysia was probably inspired by the London Eye & the Singapore Flyer.

This is the gondola which I got on

In the gondola 60 meters above the ground. An eagle's eye view of Malacca City

The wheel has 42 gondolas (which my Aunt counted while we were waiting at the foot of the wheel). To my knowledge, it was unveiled in conjuction with the Visit Malaysia Year 2007. However, it has made it's way to Malacca, which is a pretty good thing for us.

Malacca is now less boring and we now have more stuffs for tourists to do, other than eating and snapping pictures of old buildings. It also provides Malaccans another nice place to take a stroll, as it is pretty scenic and windy both during the day and night.

The 60 meters Ferris-wheel now decorates the sky of Malacca

The shot that I got right under the whole structure

The Admission fee is RM 10 for adults and RM 5 for chidren. However, the stated prices are double for non-Malaysians. We had a 24 minutes ride in the air-conditioned gondola (around 4 complete rotations).

The sight was awesome as we saw how bright Malacca city was at night. However, I believe that the view during day time would be better as one could see both land and sea at the same time.

The Eye on Malaysia - heaps of people were there

Amanda & myself

Please note however, as the Eye is still "new", the 4 hectre piece of land around it is still under construction. Drivers do take extra care as the parking lot is quite messy with loose stones on the road.

To travellers who are interested, take note. Do arrange your visit to the Eye in a group, or else you would be crammed with 4 other random people, which may be quite awkard to see each other in a small gondola. Also, try going in groups of 5 (6 maximum). I have heard of complains where they crammed up to 8 passengers in one tiny gondola.

Finally, if you do have motion sickness and a fear for heights, good news and bad news. The good news: a good and fun way to overcome your fear. The bad news: if you move a little in the gondola, it "rocks"!

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