Thursday, December 25, 2008

Random trip to Tebrau, Johor

Just to let you know, we only spent 2 hours in Tebrau, walking around the mall window shopping and head back for dinner and my aunt's place after that. So don't expect much. Tebrau (Johor) is surprisingly quite developed compared to the other Johor areas I have been.

A beautiful sunset

Two main reasons for this post: (1) I am sick from all the traveling, bored & restless at home and I have too much time in my pocket to dispense (2) I got quite a few good pictures and I wish to share them, and also to share an interesting "observation".

The Jusco Mega Mall

From the outside, the Jusco Mall in Tebrau is huge! It is almost as big as 1-Utama in Damansara. It's really new, nice and big! I will just let the following pictures speak for themselves instead of rambling unnecessarily.

Amanda & myself at the only corner which was decorated with Christmassy items

Look into the BALL.

The walkway of the Mega Mall. Pretty and spacious isn't it?

Now here's the interesting "observation" that I mentioned earlier on. The guys here carry hand-bags! OMG! Look, no offense, I do not have anything against handbags, it's just that I am pretty comfortable with girls holding them. But guys??????

It's not exactly a "handbag" but it is more of a "document bag" kind of thing which are meant for guys. Don't jump to any blind conclusion that I am a sexist, but isn't it a little... gheyyy? Remember the episode when Joey Tribianni donned a handbag? That's the point that I am trying to get to you!

A group of teens. Look closely and you can observe that 3 out of 5 of them are actually carrying man-handbags.

A guy in one of the shops, carrying his backpack and also a handbag. Note: His GF was already holding one of hers, so that pretty white bag MUST be HIS.

Lastly, maybe this is the current "fashion statement" in the teyes of guys here. I respect that. But seriously..... come-on...... I mean.... What's wrong with you guys?????

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YIh Lin said...

Emm i think the last handbag is hers with her books in it, cuz Sunway College, JB is just right behind Terbau =)